Belgium is looking into whether it can bring back wives of IS fighters from Syria

Belgium is looking into whether it can bring back the wives of ISIS fighters from Syria, as per reports. In 2021, six women and ten children were repatriated, but it is not clear how many people will meet the requirements this time.

Belgium: Masks should be mandatory in hospitals, pharmacies, says Vandenbroucke

Belgium’s Public Health Minister, Frank Vandenbroucke, said on Sunday that he favours making face masks mandatory in hospitals, pharmacies, and doctor’s offices, as per local media reports.

25-year-old man dies in Ghent canal while rescuing dog

A 25-year-old man died in a Ghent canal on Sunday morning after getting trapped between an inland vessel and the quay while trying to rescue a dog.


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An 18-year-old student has opened fire inside a lecture hall at Heidelberg University in southwestern Germany, killing one person and injuring three people. After killing one person in the shooting incident, the perpetrator has killed himself, as per reports of German police.

On Monday, January 24, 2022, Mannheim police gave the information about the incident and issued a statement, which reads,” The one perpetrator has injured several people in the lecture hall of the University, and he used a long gun for the shooting incident. Now, the perpetrator is dead as he also shot himself.

In the press conference, the interior minister of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Thomas Strobl, informed that one woman was shot dead as after getting injured, she died a few hours of the shooting incident at the hall.

As per the reports of police, the gunman was a German biology student in the University and had no previous criminal record in the country.

The investigations have been conducted on the matter by the police officials, and it was probed that the gunman sent a Whatsapp text message shortly before the happening. In the press conference, Mannheim police chief Siegfried Kollmar further informed that in the text message, the gunman wrote,” people have to be punished now, and he wanted to be buried at sea.

On their Twitter page, police added that the major security operation was conducted by the police officials at the University of Neuenheimer Feld Campus. It also urged that people be asked to clear the spot of the incident and asserted that with the empty areas, the rescue workers and emergency services could travel freely and conduct the operation.

Heidelberg is situated in the south of Frankfurt and has around 160,000 inhabitants. The University is well-renowned in Germany, founded in 1386 and known as Germany’s oldest University.

Olaf Scholz, a German Chancellor also mourned and expressed his grief and disappointment on the shooting incident. He mourned and said,” I was devastated by hearing such news”, he further expressed his condolences to the relatives, victims and students at the University.

In these recent years, Germany has faced a spate of attacks. In 2009, the nine students were killed by a former pupil in a school shooting at Winnenden, also in Baden-Wuerttemberg. Moreover, the gunman also killed himself. In the incident, three teachers and three passers-by were killed.


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18-year-old student kills one, injures three in shooting at German university