Amazon just recapped its autumn product exhibition, where it disclosed a multitude of new appliances, including a residence robot called Astro, before the occupied holiday shopping season. Here’s everything Amazon endorsed:

Amazon declared its Astro residence robot during its autumn product exhibition on Tuesday. People had an opportunity to test it out with Amazon’s product squad last weekend. Amazon declared a home robot named Astro. Astro is with a rotating canopy that’s clambered onto a footing with wheels. Amazon formulated the robot to seem animated and thoughtful, with eyes and emotional body actions that react to user relations.


The robot can walk on its own from cabin to room. And is capable of moving around items on the ground or braking to avert crashing with impediments such as a pet that walks into its way. A periscope camera connected to the floor of the equipment can be put forward or lowered to view objects that are high up. “Some people had this robot in their residence for about a year, and it does incredible stuff,” Limp explained.

Astro is prepared with Amazon’s Alexa voice attendant. It can establish and transmit suggestions, serve up recreation such as TV programs or podcasts and supervise smart home equipment, among other chores. The robot also reacts to commands; so if users tell, “Astro, beatbox,” the robot will render lyrical beats.

The robot also has safety and security characteristics. Over integration with Amazon’s smart residence safety assistant Ring, Astro is capable of autonomously guarding user’s cottages while they’re out. It can flag likely intruders and hear for stuff such as shattered mirrors or smoke warnings via a detail named Alexa Guard.

For those concerned about secrecy, Amazon announced Astro’s camera, microphone, and gesture detectors can be switched off by pushing a switch. Users can also appoint “out of limits zones,” or distinct compartments that are off-limits to the robot. Beginning today, Astro prices at $999.99 and is accessible via request only. Amazon didn’t indicate a release duration for the robot, but it announced it will start awarding requests later this year.

Amazon announces Alexa Together elderly supervision aid for $20 per month. Amazon declared a new multi-user subscription intended for assisting users to look after aged families. It comprises an accident hotline, fall detection, and action detection, all incorporated and provided through Amazon Echo equipment.

Users will be able to obtain, for instance, a push message when an aged parent arises. Older users will have around-the-clock entry to an experienced accident helpline, Amazon explained. Alexa Together amounts to $19.99 per month, and several users will be eligible to receive a six-month tryout.


Amazon starts invitation-only liftoff for Ring safety drone. Amazon’s Ring safety drone is now accessible to buy by request only. Enthusiastic consumers can enroll to be invited to purchase it. That’s a layout Amazon generally utilizes for merchandise it’s not willing to undertake more considerably.

Named the “Always Home Cam,” it amounts to $249.99 and is an independent indoor camera that flees around the residence, providing users with a perspective of their cottage when they’re out. Amazon’s Ring first declared it during its autumn 2020 event.

In expansion to the drone, Amazon declared Ring Alarm Pro, a “ground station” for Ring safety equipment has an Eero router built-in. It sells for $249.99 and is accessible for preorder beginning today. The corporation is also inaugurating an edition of its Ring safety aids for employment locations and a service named Ring virtual safety sentry that incorporates third-party safety assistance with Ring appliances. Beginning today, users can enroll for free to get timely entry to Ring virtual safety. After that, it will begin at $99 a month relying on the users’ area.

Amazon declares a fresh fitness-focused smartwatch named Halo View Amazon on Tuesday proclaimed a fresh health tracker that plays against Google’s FitBit and Apple Watch. It’s named Halo View, and it will be wholesale for $79.99. Earlier Amazon fitness trackers didn’t have an exhibit, but this prototype arrives with a color mesh. The bands can be altered and customized. The equipment arrives with a free one-year Amazon Halo subscription, which now comprises fitness lessons provided through video. Amazon says it will have hundreds of activities.

The Halo subscription will also include a food coach that incorporates grocery schedules and healthy meal planning recommendations, which will come to be accessible to the public successive year. It enables users to create a custom meal proposal. Amazon says it comprises over 500 mixtures from friends, comprising Amazon’s Whole Foods Market.

Amazon announced the Halo View wearable will ferry before the festivals this year. Amazon declares fresh video calling equipment for children, named Amazon Glow Amazon endorsed a modern product intended for children that stirs video calling with events coming from a projector. The project illustrations respond to sense.

The goal is to create video calls more interesting for kids, Amazon announced. Games such as “Tangram Bits” enable the children to unravel mysteries on the projected skin while the parent video conferences from an ordinary notebook. The equipment has a “secrecy shutter” that swivels the camera off.

Disney, Mattel, Nickelodeon, and Sesame Street characters are enrolled to make tournaments for the equipment. Amazon announced it would unlock up to some outside creators next year. It goes for $249 but won’t be published widely at first, and requesting one will expect a request. People can enroll to assess it beginning today, and Amazon will commence shipping appliances in “the coming weeks.”

‘Hey Disney’: Amazon expands Disney volume to Alexa voice attendant. Amazon declared “Hey Disney,” which it names a voice attendant that “helps along with” Alexa.

It will incorporate Disney personalities with Alexa, Amazon SVP David Limp explained. Numerous Disney personalities, including Mickey, Dory, and Olaf will react from the creative speaker, Amazon explained. The subject comprises pranks and trivia. Disney was prepared to customize Alexa technology to match its content and name, according to the corporations.

Amazon Echos prepared with Disney content will also be positioned inside Disney hotel cabins. There’s also a modern rack for the Echo Show that resembles Mickey Mouse. It’s brought about by Otterbox and will amount to $24.99. “Hey Disney” will be ready in the U.S. from the Amazon Alexa skills shop in 2022, Amazon let out.

The previous year, Amazon announced some of its primary Cyber Monday deals comprising the Echo Dot and the Echo Show 5 smart screen, for instance. So it makes sense for Amazon to have fresh stocks prepared to ferry by that period. Amazon’s Echo Dot was renewed last year, so it could be revamped again on Tuesday if Amazon stakes to an annual refresh. The Echo Show 5 was remodeled over the summer, though, so it’s uncertain we see an update to that.


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