As the Dominica is scaling-up its tourism sector, American Airlines has made a decision to provide direct flights from around 42 cities in United States. The connectivity will not only benefit nation’s tourism sector, but will also give a push to many small business owners who linked to the tourism and hospitality industry.

These new direct flights crossover several barriers, likely to ease travel to Dominica, and will provide a boost to the tourism industry.


The small-island of Dominica, profoundly known as “Nature Isle of the Caribbean” is a home to many beautiful, eye-catching and stunning natural elements. Moreover, the month of May is celebrated as “Tourism Awareness” month. The major focus of these celebrations is to embrace the key principle of eco-tourism by the government.

The most important highlight of these celebrations is the “local bush rums”, with over 36 different flavours aged in barrels. Local Dominican rums have spices for a richer as well as more complex flavour.

Each bar produces its own bush rums to make the celebration more active; they use popular flavours such as spices, aka cinnamon, coconut, peanut, and lime.

Dominica is known for its local cuisine, music, and natural beauty. The government has always focused on conserving assets, building a resilient climate nation, and encouraging eco-tourism. To fulfil these aims, the government has launched several projects, and one such project which has contributed to the lifting of the tourism sector in Dominica is the “Beautification Project.”

As Dominica is expecting more tourists, the authorities have fastened the beautification project, and a cleaning drive is already launched from Pointe Michel to Champagne Beach. The campaign focuses on the clean and green Dominica. The Tourism Ministry underlined, “The Ministry has been protecting and preserving this important sector as tourism is everybody’s business.”

American Airlines commences service from 42 US cities as Dominica's tourism diversifies
American Airlines commences service from 42 US cities as Dominica’s tourism diversifies

Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit also visited the beautification project site and expressed pleasure over the progress of the project.


Prime Minister Skerrit stated, “The Ministries of Tourism and the Environment are also piloting a National Beautification Programme in the area, and I was pleased to note the project’s progress.”

All these projects and initiatives will indeed boost the tourism of the Nature Isle.

The government of Dominica has always focused on the upliftment of the sector. American Airlines increased the number of flights between Dominica and 42 cities in North America and the United States territories to magnify the sector and attract large tourists to the Caribbean country.

The recent developmental projects in Dominica are also a great opportunity for global investors. Foreign investors can become citizens of Dominica by applying for the alternative citizenship of Dominica. The investors may apply through the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme.

The Citizenship by Investment Programme (CBI) was established in the year 1993 and is considered one of the longest-running, fastest CBI schemes worldwide.

Foreign investors may apply for alternative citizenship by financially contributing to the development of the Caribbean island country. Applicants can contribute to a government-approved fund or real estate.

American Airlines commences service from 42 US cities as Dominica's tourism diversifies
American Airlines commences service from 42 US cities as Dominica’s tourism diversifies

The investor may apply for alternative citizenship under two options:
•    Economic Diversification Fund (EDF)- It is a non-refundable donation used for building infrastructure and encouraging sectors like agriculture and tourism. The minimum investment for the main applicant is US $100,000.
•    Real Estate: An investor can contribute a minimum of US $ 200,000 to a government-approved real estate project such as hotels, spas, villas etc.

However, the investment does not guarantee citizenship; all applicants must pass rigid, stringent, and robust background checks. The government and third-party agencies carry out multi-layered due diligence checks on all applicants and their dependents over 16 years old.

The unique feature of the Citizenship by Investment Programme of Dominica is the applicant gets the ability to add additional dependents under the same application, including spouses, parents/grandparents (aged 55 or over) and children (30 or under), and siblings (aged 25 or under).

The citizenship by investment programme of Dominica is ranked as the world’s best, safe and secure CBI programme in the CBI Index published by PWM Magazine of Financial Times for five consecutive years.


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