A Biologist(Anti-vax) named Franco Trinca has succumbed to the viral infection caused by the SARS-CoV-2 on February 4, 2022, and ironically, he was a great anti-vaxer and campaigned against the vaccine of the COVID-19 virus in Italy.

Moreover, Trinca was one of the coordinators of the “United for free choice” movement, which is made by the various anti-vax associations, has lost his life due to the viral infection of the novel coronavirus at a hospital in Città di Castello Italy.


The doctor named Cleavon MD asserted that Trinica had supported the vitamin c pills to treat COVID-19 because he felt he had a good immune system, which is why he doesn’t want to get immunised against the viral infection.

Moreover, in the TV clashes, Trinica was always in favour of alternative therapies against the novel coronavirus such as hydroxychloroquine, vitamin C and flavonoids.”

While giving explaining his being an anti-vaxxer, Trinica also asserted,” He was strong against the vaccination as the spike protein solicited by vaccines is carcinogenic, and vaccine have already graphene”.

The United for Free choice is the movement started by the various anti-vaxxers across Europe. People who are part of the movement is totally against getting vaccinated against the viral infection of the novel coronavirus. Moreover, people are also against the various proposal of the government, which they have made that every person in their country has to receive the required number of doses against the viral infection caused by the COVID-19 virus.

The people involved in the movement have been protesting against all the measures in favour of the vaccine against the novel coronavirus. They have exclaimed that it is against their freedom that the government has forced them to be vaccinated against the viral infection caused by the novel coronavirus.


They also have asserted that any government could not have the right to exploit their right to freedom. Moreover, the government could not force those people to get immunised who don’t want to get inoculated against t6he viral infection caused by the COVID-19 virus.

Several countries such as France, Austria, Italy, Germany and many more in Europe have faced protests over the past months against the compulsion of being vaccinated.

The governments of various countries have to say that vaccination is important for every citizen as it is the only solution that could help us to fight against the novel coronavirus. With only vaccination, the most transmissible virus called SARS-CoV-2 could be curtailed.

So, the biologist who has protested and stood against the vaccination has lost his life due to the viral infection caused by the novel coronavirus, which would be curtailed by the vaccine.

However, Italy has also witnessed the protest against the mandatory vaccine pass or the gree pass to get entry in the public spaces. People have taken to the streets to protest, and they have dined by taking their own food in the wake of protesting.

Meanwhile, European countries’ governments have also lifted many restrictions against the COVID-19 but mandated the vaccine of the novel coronavirus to curtail the infection. Despite this, the countries are witnessing major protests against the measure of the COVID-19.


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