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A fire ravaged the nursing home in eastern Spain on Wednesday morning, January 19, 2022. As per the authorities of emergency services, five people...


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A man named Johansen Concepcion De La Ros was said to have shot a little dog and killed it in Florida. Finally, Davie Police Station, Florida, kept him in captivation. Therefore, the very individual called De La Ros was eventually charged with cruelty.

How was the response of the Police?

Police from Davie responded to a call to shoot at 6:33 p.m. on 29 September. At 2800 SW 73 Way in Centro Apartments. Johansen Concepcion De La Ros saw a few steps along the path through the bay on a balcony on the second level. De la Ros had a strong rifle with pellets, and a look at the little, 8-month-old dog “Princess.” He was kneeling, fur lining up and killing the young dog. The dog’s owner didn’t know what happened when Princess began to blood from the mouth. Luckily, a police officer from off-service Pembroke Pines drived the city and saw the incident.

De La Ros placed the gun and it was retrieved in the apartment. Therefore, De La Ros was imprisoned for the defence of the creatures of Felony. Princess was an eight-month-old marionette belonging to the 8-year-old girl of the parent.

What did the authorities claim?

The authorities claim that Concepcion De La Ros had fired a Scoped Pellet Rifle at the Chihuahua puppy naming princess when he stood on the external balcony of an apparatus in September. The shooting was seen by a police officer off of duty and 911 was called.

The police, Daniel Álvarez, a friend from Concepción De La Ros, told the police that the dog had been shot.

He was out of prison, and people still raged. What he did, after all, was odd. Who can imagine murdering an eight-month-old marionette? As part of his sentence he paid a bond of $2,500. He had to make up for his loss.

But it was a good task for the police team to arrest him immediately after the crime. And every bit of the law follows. They ensured that the Florida Man incident did not happen like this on 29 September.

- A word from our sposor -

Are we aware of Florida man September 29th?