Belgium has made an announcement to restrict the round goldfish bowls because of the stress they do to the fish. “The traditional bowls causes stress to the fish & should be banned on animal welfare ground, ” quoted as saying by Belgian government officials.

The proposed ban, which currently applies only to the Brussels-Capital region, reportedly aims to ban the sale of such bowls but not their use.


Animal welfare minister Bernard Clerfayt said, “The round jar has an impact on fish stress.”

“We are not going to start controlling the size of the aquarium in each household,” Clerfayt said, adding that banning the sale of bowls instead would be much more effective.

Meanwhile, the Animal Welfare Minister further added that, “Fireworks and electric dog collars will also be added to the list of items harmful to the pets.”

As per the information released by the Belgian government, round tanks often have a smaller water surface area than square or rectangular ones, which eventually affects the water’s oxygen absorption capacity.

Moreover, Belgium is known for its strict laws against animal cruelty. The punishments for the worst offenders range from 15-year imprisonment to a fine of up to 10 million euros.

Earlier, French pet care market leader AgroBiothers Laboratoire had decided to stop selling round fish bowls because of their adverse impact on the health of fish. The report said they had stopped selling round fish bowls as they “drive fish mad and kill them quickly.”




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