Belgium has recently moved from code orange to code yellow, while allowing live events to get back to full activity. Until now, code orange was in force, which in the barometer of the COVID-19 pandemic meant that many restrictions were imposed, such as the Covid Safe Ticket (CST).

Initially introduced in the summer of last year, the CST was mandatory for all indoor events with more than 50 participants and for all outdoor activities involving more than 100 people.


The Safe Ticket consisted of proof that a person was fully vaccinated, had a valid negative test, or recovered from a recent infection.

In light of what is considered to be a positive development in the state of the pandemic in Belgium, the nation can move up the barometer to a level where the CST and many other restrictions can be dropped. While for those who want to attend an event, go to a bar, or go to the gym can now do so without presenting the Covid Safe Ticket (CST).

Meanwhile, venues regain the possibility to use their full capacity, with no more restrictions on the maximum capacity for activities, concerts hall, and theatres. Moreover, it is no longer compulsory in Belgium in public spaces to wear a face mask. However, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo has warned that the use of the mask is still advised in situations where it is not possible to maintain a safe distance.

This rollback of the restrictions is a great relief for many sectors of activity, such as the live events industry, and a source of hope not only for Belgium citizens but for people going to the festival community as a whole, as many events of international internet take place in Belgium, such as the long-awaited return of Tomorrowland.

Belgium is moving ahead of the restrictions relief agenda. At the same time, England, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland have also announced plans to lift the restrictions still in place.


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