Almost all the scooters belonging to the Dutch micro-mobility company Go Sharing have been stolen by a young individual who has been figured out how to bypass the renting system.

As per the sources, the scooters have been operating in Brussels for five months. The wrongdoers are mainly the youngsters and the residents of Brussels. The majority of them have advertised the crash course on how to steal the scooters on social media.


Moreover, they shared the advertisement on social media, and they promised, “20 euros = a technique to ride a GO Sharing scooter for free every day for life.”

In the previous week, in the municipalities of Uccle, Watermeal-Boitsfort, and Auderghem, around ten young Brussels residents, the majority of them minors, were joyriding on stolen electric scooters from GO Sharing.

Along with this, a police representative made the confirmation and mentioned, “The youngest was a 13-year-old. Between Sunday and Monday, we intercepted about ten young people who were playing with these rentable electric scooters in the commune of Uccle. They had come here in small groups to find them.”

The police officials suspect that all of the young individuals have come in response to advertisements on social media promising to teach them how to steal the scooters.

Meanwhile, they drive the electric scooters until the batteries are empty and then abandon them because they don’t have the information on how to recharge them.

Furthermore, the lights of the electric scooters do not light up anymore, which is particularly dangerous at night.



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