“Stand with Ukraine”, Brussels People are about to call a large sanctioned march in solidarity with Ukraine in Brussels on Sunday, March 6, 2022. Protestors are scheduled to meet in front of Brussels North Station at 1:00 PM to call for a finish to Russia’s war against Ukraine.

On February 24, Russia called a full scale military operation on Ukraine, stating that the sole intention behind this is to “demilitarise” and “deNazify” the nation. Despite promising only to target military infrastructure, the civilian casualties of Russia’s war have been increasing day by day.


Meanwhile, Russia has conducted unrestricted warfare against both residential areas and major cities. Cities like the eastern port city of Mariupol have been facing continuous bombardment from rocket systems and cruise missiles since the beginning of the war.

At the same time, the United Nations has recently reported over 752 causalities during the invasion so far, but the number of deaths is likely to jump higher.

Furthermore, Ukraine’s State Emergency Service states that over 2,000 civilians have been dragged to death as of March 2.

The event is being called by Belgian-run non-profit “Promote Ukraine.” The organisation stated that it has faith in, “Europe based in the rule of law, democracy, respect, and freedom.” They denounce Russia’s attack on Ukraine, which has forced Ukrainian families to seek refuge in metro stations and under destroyed bridges.

Earlier, marches organised by the organisation have been attended by up to 15,000 people.


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