The officers of the Brussels North police zone conducted several operations in the neighbourhood of the North Station, and seized considerable quantities of drugs and weapons.
During these operations, the police drew up 26 official reports for the illegal possession of narcotics, one official report for the sale of drugs, and seized 171.3 grams of marijuana, 9.6 grams of cocaine, 22 ecstasy pills and 110 lyrica pills.
Five police reports for illegal possession of a weapon, including one sabre, three baseball bats and several knives, scissors and other sharp objects. The police officers also caught several people drinking alcohol on public roads, ignoring the prohibition.
Four persons were placed under administrative arrest, while three dealers and one person were placed under judicial arrest. Three drivers who had used drugs were also fined, as were two drivers who did not have a driving licence.
The police also found a car that was not registered, four drivers using their mobile phones while driving and one person who had lent his car to a person without a driving licence.


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