Brussels: Police have been questioning two people after a stabbing in the Brussels municipality of Saint-Gilles on Monday have been placed under arrest by the investigating judge.
As per the statement released by Brussels Public Prosecutor’s Office on Thursday, “The two have been charged with attempted murder.”
A spokesperson has added in a statement that, “Two suspects were interrogated and heard by the investigating judge. The two suspects were placed under arrest.”
The stabbing took place on Monday afternoon around 14:30 near the intersection of the Louis Morichar square and the Rue de la Rhétorique. For an unknown reason, a confrontation between two groups.
A young man (17) sustained several knife wounds during the ensuing fight, including in the chest area. When the police arrived at the scene, they found the victim severely injured on the ground and gave him first aid.
As per reports, “When he was transferred to the hospital, his life was in danger but his condition has stabilised by now.”
According to Brussels South (Anderlecht/Saint-Gilles/Forest) police zone, two people were brought to the station for questioning the same evening. On Tuesday, however, the Public Prosecutor announced that there were three suspects, but no one had been arrested.


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