Bulgarian Minister of Culture Marina Vasileva welcomed delegates to the 36th Congress of the Union of Public Communal Sites (SNC), which began at 10 am. in the hall of the “Tear and Laughter” theatre in the capital. The Minister also expressed his pleasure in preserving the Bulgarian spirit over the centuries and is probably closest to both the Bulgarian creator and our people. The Bulgarian Ministry of Culture shared the update recently.

The Minister, while addressing the event, shared that It is an honour for her to be a part of them – part of the intellectual elite of the Bulgarian nation, which is the most prominent merit for preserving the Bulgarian spirit over the centuries and is probably closest to both the Bulgarian creator and our people. At the beginning of the official part of the 36th Regular Congress of the Union of Public Communal Communities, to congratulate you once again on the most beloved holiday of us all – May 24, the Day of the Holy Brothers Cyril and Methodius, of the Bulgarian alphabet, education and culture, and of Slavic literature.


While addressing her pleasure and gratitude, she added, “I want to personally thank you for what you are doing – what you have done and what I hope you will do for Bulgarian education because I know that thanks to you, Bulgaria will move forward! ” the deputy said. -Minister Vasileva, in her official word. She pointed out that spirituality needs its leaders and people to be the light for the rest, and this light is the actors in Bulgarian community centres, the people – the guardians of everything Bulgarian, of what makes us a people and a nation.”

Further, she added that today, we again have a worthy occasion to express our deep recognition and respect for all community activists who have set their way back in time and continued affirming cultural life and spirituality, promoting the quest for knowledge to future generations.

“Your many years of experience, dedication and support are a valuable contribution to our cultural treasure, and your gifted self-makers excite and introduce the audience to the world of knowledge, beauty and harmony,” Marina Vasileva said.

On her behalf and behalf of the Minister of Culture Nayden Todorov, she wished all delegates of the Congress, and through them – and all community workers, much health, realized ideas, creative spirit and genuine satisfaction with what has been achieved.

And then, Deputy Minister Vasileva presented the highest distinction of the Ministry of Culture – “Golden Age – Necklace” and a Certificate to the Chairman of the SNC, Dr Nikolay Doynov – for his outstanding contribution to the development and confirmation of Bulgarian culture and national identity and on the occasion of May 24 – the Holy Brothers Kiril Day and Methodius.

The official part of the Congress began with the performance of the anthem of the Republic of Bulgaria and a welcome by the Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria, Ms Iliana Yotova. She pointed out that it was an honour for her, as well as for the Presidential Institution, to accept this invitation because she deeply believes in the enormous influence and power of the Bulgarian community centre in its role – from its creation to today’s challenging and full of uncertainty 21st century.


The Vice President expressed confidence in the community centre’s future and stressed that it is from the people who stand against any assault on Bulgarian community centres. Because according to her, this is tantamount to national betrayal and genealogy, and the community centre is an institution with a history longer than the Bulgarian one. “Thank you for building and preserving the Bulgarian community centre with a revival flame so that every next generation of young people can enter them,” Vice President Yotova said. She was adamant that the Union of People’s Community Centers has its most significant ally in her face and the face of the Presidential Institution.


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