Bulgaria: Ministry of Culture Arch Chavdar Georgiev opens Arch forum “Bracivogo- The Stone Stream of Time”

Bulgaria: The Minister of Culture Architect Chavdar Georgiev opened the International Architectural Forum “Bracivogo- The Stone Stream of Time.” The Forum under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture is continued until Sunday, July 2, 2023.

As per the Update, The beginning of the third edition of the International Architectural Forum “Brasigovo – The Stone Stream of Time”, lasts until July 2. On this occasion, the Thracian treasure from the village was exhibited in the Regional Museum of History (ROME) in Pazardzhik. Ravnogor.

Traffic police opened the Forum. -Minister of culture arch. Chavdar Georgiev. He pointed out that the topics the focus of the initiative are essential, the experts are at the level, and the results are significant to the entire Bulgarian society.

Outcomes from the discussions on introducing energy efficiency of real cultural heritage sites will be the basis for introducing standard rules for implementing the measures.
Road. -Minister Georgiev also noted that the demographic problem leads to problems with preserving valuable buildings, architectural monuments and fundamental cultural values that are self-destructing due to a lack of care.

“International participation in this year’s edition of the forum can give us answers on how other countries like Italy are working on and coping with this issue,” the Arch pointed out. George. He expressed confidence that representatives from all institutions – architects, builders, municipal and state authorities – can work together to find sustainable policies to follow at a national level to preserve the intangible cultural heritage.

Today, the forum program continues with lectures and presentations on the tangible cultural heritage, art and the future perspective for the revitalization of historic buildings, also related to its energy efficiency. From 13:00, three exhibitions will be opened in the community centre “Vasil Petleshkov” – “Architecture for Education and Culture” of the Arch. Belin Mollov, “Contemporary Italian Art” and “International Experience on Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Monuments of Culture”.

On Friday, June 30, at 2:30 pm, an official round table was organized with the participation of universities, industry organizations, chief architects, associations and experts from Bulgaria and Italy. The topic is critical and up-to-date – “Energy Efficiency in Buildings with Intangible Cultural Heritage Status”. The moderator is the Arch. Desislava Dimitrova.

The International Architectural Forum “Bracigovo – The Stone Stream of Time” is under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture and is organized by the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria, the Chamber of Builders, Bracigovo Municipality, the Embassy of Italy, the Italian Cultural Institute and Confindustria in Bulgaria. Official partners are the Regional Historical Museum in Pazardzhik, the University of Architecture, Construction and Geodesy, the National Association of Municipalities and the Cultural Heritage Society – an associated partner of Europe Nostra.

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