Bulgaria: President Radev reaffirmed his stance against sending weapons to Ukraine

Rumen Radev, the president of Bulgaria, strengthened his stance against arming Ukraine. Sending arms to Ukraine, in his opinion, is not a solution; rather, it just adds fuel to the fire.

After previous Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov’s cabinet (a four-party coalition) was unable to establish a government owing to a no-confidence vote, the administration in Bulgaria is now administered by a caretaker government rather than a permanent one.

In October 2022, new elections were held. Boyko Borissov, the former prime minister of Bulgaria, won the election with 24.6% of the vote but could not form a government since he lacked a majority of four seats and no other party joined him.

Rumen Radev, the acting president, highlighted that warmongering parties and lawmakers with no combat experience are doing everything in their power to incite conflict and ensnare Bulgaria in this horrific conflict.

He repeatedly said that providing arms to Ukraine would spark a conflict that will destroy Bulgaria because Russia interpreted this as an act of war.

President Radev stated during an interview in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, that warmongering idiots want to win elections, form an incompetent administration, and give weapons to Ukraine, which will reduce Bulgaria’s ability to defend itself.

He criticised the 48th National Assembly of Bulgaria for its decision to arm Ukraine in order to maintain its conflict with Russia.

“People who don’t understand anything about the military war are trying their best to lure us into a path of escalation, which they can’t control,” the president of Bulgaria remarked during an interview. We can all see that the war has reached a total standstill because of our mutual tiredness”.

“I am completely opposed to transferring weaponry from the Bulgarian army reserves to the battlefield” (Ukraine).

Several demonstrations against the Bulgarian Parliament’s decision to support Ukraine were also held in the country’s various areas, including the capital Sofia.

Additionally, President Radev emphasised that a government willing to defy its citizens’ wishes will never be able to bring about balance in the nation.

Gabriel Peters

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