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KNOW HERE: Unique Facts about Brienz-Rothorn-Bahn Railway Station of Switzerland

The Brienz-Rothorn-Bahn (BRB) is a rack railway system Abt in the Municipality of Brienz, Switzerland, which runs from Brienz to the Briezner Rothhorn in summer only every year from the beginning of May to the end of October. The Railway Station is the lower terminus of the Brienz–Rothorn rack railway (BRB) that climbs to the summit of the Brienzer Rothorn mountain.

India: G20 Delegates visits Historical Polo Market in Srinagar on 3rd day of Group Tourism Meeting

J&K, Srinagar: The Foreign Delegates of the G20 visited the historical polo market in Srinagar on the 3rd day of the Tourism Group Meeting on Wednesday, May 24, 2023, and expressed their pleasure and excitement while roaming the local market.

Famous Poem “If”, written by poet Rudyard Kipling highlights most essential aspects of human life

The famous poem "If" was written by the renowned poet Rudyard Kipling, first published in 1910 as part of his collection called "Rewards and Fairies." The poem offers a set of inspirational guidelines for living a noble and honourable life, emphasizing the virtues of patience, perseverance, self-confidence, and integrity.

G7 meet 2023 Japan highlights US President Joe Biden’s Administration

The Group of Seven (G7) in Hiroshima, Japan, which began on Friday, May 19, 2023, and ended Sunday, May 22, 2023, emphasized the US President Joe Biden administration’s focus on preventing the rise of the dominant authoritarian powers by ruining Russia’s imperial ambitions and by creating regional partnerships to counter the rise of China.

UK-based Arab Journalist Amjad Taha praises Kashmir’s beauty, calls it ‘Paradise on Earth’

UK-based Arab Journalist Amjad Taha, mesmerised by Kashmir's beauty, recently posted a video on his social media handle called Kashmir "Paradise on Earth," a place that has preserved the Earth and can be the solution to climate change.

Napoleon Bridge in Austra: oldest stone bridge located over Soča River

The Napoleon Bridge near Kobarid is one of the oldest stone bridges in Austria, located over the Soča River gorge east of Kobarid. It was created where the Soča squeezes into a narrow gorge for the last time before entering the plain of the Kobariška basin.

KNOW HERE: Amazing characteristics of Kaunertaler Gletscherstraße road in Austria

The Kaunertaler Gletscherstraße is a 26-kilometre-long tourist road in Austria, located in Tyrol, one of the area's most famous tourist roads, which also leads up to 2750 meters above sea level. The road is the fourth-highest paved and publicly accessible road in Europe.

KNOW HERE: Amazing Facts about Gearrennin Blackhouse Town in Scotland

The Gearrennin Blackhouse town in Outer Hebrides, Scotland, is a village Huddled on the top of a hill overlooking the fierce Atlantic and is a quaint cluster of stone cottages. The Gearrennnin Blackhouse town is a once-abandoned village that preserves a piece of the Outer Hebrides’ past and is a picturesque place for travellers to enjoy a day. The Gearrennnin Village, which is also known as the cluster of houses, was built in the late 1800s.

Robin Sharma shares some top lessons in his book “The Monk who sold his Ferrari”

"The Monk who sold his Ferrari" is a self-helping book written by the Canadian Author and motivational speaker Robin Sharma. The writer Robin Sharma from his book wrote this well-known book from his past experiences after leaving his life as a litigation lawyer in Canada. Robin Sharma shared some of his book's top lessons about the things one should impose in his life.

August 1947 Massacre marked as most remarkable period in Indian history

Punjab, India: August 1947 is one of the most remarkable periods in India's History, which has had a massive impact on Indians till today. The period before British Raj, Before 1947, is the most glorious and markable period for the Indians, which not only gave rise to many Freedom fighters but also came up with a bloody legacy, stains and scars of many Indians who chose to shed their lives for the sake of India's freedom.

UK: Author Shaa Wasmund teaches some crucial lessons of life in her book ‘Do Less Get More’

The famous book 'Do Less Get More, ' written by the UK's top entrepreneur and Business revolutionary, Shaa Wasmund, taught us about some of the most important lessons of life that one should adopt in his life.

KNOW HERE: ‘Wonnemonat Mai’ refers to merry month of May in Germany

Germany: "Wonnemonat Mai", the merry month of May, is the fifth month of the year and has 31 days; the Wonnemonat Mia also refers to the spring month; it is known after the name of the holy Roman god Maia. It is also known as Liebesmaien, a type of Maibaum, Maypole, for single girls and "Liebesbeweis", denoted as a declaration of love which is among one of May's customs in Germany.

Dominica: PM Roosevelt Skerrit supports Dream 11 Nature Isle T10 Tournament Cricketers

Dominican Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit expressed his pleasure and pride in supporting the Dream 11 Nature Isle T10 Tournament that took place on Thursday, May 25, 2023, at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium and urged people to support the cricketers for their exciting short-term tournament, which will run in Dominica till Thursday, June 8, 2023.

Castle of the Puilaurens, One of oldest Cather Castle stands in town of Puilaurens in France

The Château de Puilaurens, or The Castle of the Puilaurens, is the oldest fortified Cather Castle, which is now located in ruins and stands in the French town of Puilaurens in the department of Aude, in the Occitanie region. The castle's ruins are the subject of a classification as historical monuments by decree of August 12, 1902.

French MEP Max Orville expresses pleasure over completing 4 years in European Parliament

French Politician and Member of the European Parliament Max Orville, on the successful four years of European Governance, expressed his pleasure and gratitude and shared the government of France has been working consistently to serve its people. The government is attentive towards the climate and other unwelcomed consequences and is well prepared against its effective and suitable parameters.