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More than 300 people succumbed to death in recent floods in central China, officers announced on Monday, three times the figures of the formerly declared figures. The Henan regional administration explained that 302 people succumbed and 50 remain missing. The enormous preponderance of the casualties was in Zhengzhou, the regional capital, where 292 perished and 47 are missing. Ten others deceased in three other towns, officers said at a news meeting in Zhengzhou, China.

Record downpour engulfed the town on July 20, swivelling roads into scurrying streams and flooding at least a portion of a subway line. Video broadcasted online exhibited automobiles being soaked and frantic people imprisoned in subway autos as the rains rose. Fourteen people died in the subway flooding.

The prior casualty figures, confirmed on Friday, was 99. Administrations asserted that 189 people were exterminated by rains and mudslides, 54 in building destructions and 39 in subterranean regions such as cellars and garages and comprising those on subway Line 5. The casualty toll continued at six in a highway shaft from which 247 automobiles were evacuated as it was soaked.

Wang Kai, the chief of Henan province, expressed deep consolations to the casualties and sympathise with the families on behalf of the Henan Communist Party council. The disastrous thing arrived after Zhengzhou was struck by 20 centimetres (8 inches) of water in the one hour beginning at 4 p.m. on July 20, overpowering the already submerged town. Kids were caught up in academies, and deserted people waited in their bureaus overnight.

The storms headed north in the subsequent days, whacking the Henan metropolis of Hebi, Anyang and Xinxiang. Seven people died and three are missing in Xinxiang, where record showers lowered more than 25 centimetres (10 inches) of water in 19 hours. Henan is an inland county about 620 km (380 miles) southwest of Beijing.

Councils announced that about 250,000 hectares (625,000 acres) of harvests were demolished and have tallied expenses at more than 90 billion yuan ($14 billion). About 1.5 million people were removed because of the waters and flooding.

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China flood death toll reaches beyond 300!