A Chinese diplomat in Germany has recently called on the new German government to uphold the ‘One-China’ policy and avoid sending the wrong signals to “Taiwan independence” secessionist forces.

Meanwhile, Minister and chief of the Economic and Commercial Department at the Chinese Embassy in Germany, Wang Weidong, said, “German government should plan an active role in the European Union (EU) and not to play the “Taiwan card” as Lithuania tries to hold the EU’s position on Taiwan hostage with claims of “economic coercion.”


Wang added that, “China has been observing rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO).”

He further criticised the Western media’s “completely baseless” claims that China has moved to suspend clearing Lithuanian goods and rejecting import applications. He went on to issue a strong warning against Lithuania’s “microphone diplomacy” and reckless hype about Beijing’s alleged “economic coercion” of the European Union.

Wang further said, “The Lithuania must seek internal reasons if cooperation between two nations faces difficulties. It needs to confess wrongdoings and take measures to correct them in order to establish a conducive atmosphere for bilateral economic and trade cooperation.”

Notably, Wang’s comments came after the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce wrote a letter to the Lithuanian government, warning that unless the Lithuanian authorities have not provided specific solutions to resolve the conflicts and improve the relations with Beijing, chamber member companies will close their factories in Lithuania.

Such a move might impact German companies across multiple industries, including laser and auto parts. It is worth mentioning that Lithuania has openly supported a “one China, one Taiwan” approach within international society that violates the one-China concept.

Therefore, Wang said that Beijing believes that Germany’s new government will play an active role in the EU in upholding the one-China concept.


He stated that Germany had played a vital role in shaping China-Europe relations. He said that Germany’s new administration will place a greater emphasis on the EU’s role and remain committed to enhancing Europe’s solidarity and sovereignty strategy, unifying the EU’s voice in the international community.


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