Belgium is looking into whether it can bring back wives of IS fighters from Syria

Belgium is looking into whether it can bring back the wives of ISIS fighters from Syria, as per reports. In 2021, six women and ten children were repatriated, but it is not clear how many people will meet the requirements this time.

Belgium: Masks should be mandatory in hospitals, pharmacies, says Vandenbroucke

Belgium’s Public Health Minister, Frank Vandenbroucke, said on Sunday that he favours making face masks mandatory in hospitals, pharmacies, and doctor’s offices, as per local media reports.

25-year-old man dies in Ghent canal while rescuing dog

A 25-year-old man died in a Ghent canal on Sunday morning after getting trapped between an inland vessel and the quay while trying to rescue a dog.


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The situation in Ukraine is surging amid the conflicts between Russia and Ukraine. The disputes have posed threats to the citizens of Ukraine and other countries too. The various countries such as European countries, Western countries and many more have asked their citizens who are residing in Ukraine to leave the country amid the surging conflicts.

Moreover, they have also advised the people of their countries not to travel or avoid travelling across nearby Russia and Belarus as the tension between the countries has surged due to the deployment of the military forces.

The region surrounding Russia, Ukraine and Belarus have faced massive disruptions, especially at their borders, as the military build-up has been increased from the different sides. A total of 3,000 troops have been deployed by the Rusiaacross the borders of Ukraine.

The most prominent countries that have abstained their citizens to travel across the disruptive nations and also asked their citizens living in the conflict-ridden countries to leave the countries are Norway, Latvia, South Korea, the Netherlands, Japan, the UK and Israel.

The Foreign Minister of Norway has asked their citizens to stay away from Russia and Ukraine and advised the residing citizens to leave the conflict-ridden country on Friday, February 11, 2022.

On Friday, February 11, 2022, the government of Israel have advised their citizens in Ukraine to leave the country, and they were also evacuating relatives of staff at their embassy in Kyiv. The authorities cited that the crisis between Russia and Ukraine is aggravating the situation and also posing a threat to ordinary citizens.

The Foreign Ministry of Israel also mentioned that they had urged Israelis to avoid travelling to Ukraine.

On the other hand, the country such as Japan and Netherlands also advised their citizens to leave Ukraine as the threats of war were increasing. The authorities further asserted that the countries had told their citizens to move away from Russia and Ukraine.

Earlier, the President of the United States has also asked the Americans to leave Ukraine and asserted that they were not going to send troops to evacuate the citizens from the country. President remarked that if the war occurred then, it would be with any terrorist organisation but the world’s largest and strongest armed forces.

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Countries ask their citizens to leave Ukraine over surge in turmoil