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Belgium has lifted the Covid-19 protocol named self-isolation for the fully vaccinated people and poses the threat of getting diagnosed with the deadly viral infection. The amendments will come into effect from January 10, 202.  

The regional and federal health ministries gave the update and stated that the rules would be applicable for those who have received second or third jabs of a vaccine against the contagious mutant during the five months of their high-risk contract for coronavirus. 

Moreover, Belgium is also giving relaxation to the people who are exposed to the viral infection and serving the COVID-19 protocol of isolation. In the relaxation, people who have confirmed COVID-19 test results will have to remain in the isolation period of seven days and earlier it was ten days.  

The vaccine campaign was started in the country in December 2020 by the government of Belgium. Since the vaccination campaign was started, a total of 77.3 percent of the total population of the country have been fully immunised against the COVID-19 pandemic. Belgian health institute has issued the latest figure of the vaccination in the country. 

COVID-19 report of Belgium

Since the pandemic has emerged in the country, a total of 2,133,284 individuals have been exposed to the COVID-19 pandemic; on the other hand, 28,385 people succumbed to the viral infection. 

As per the status of vaccination, till now, a total of 8,910,139 individuals have received their first jab of the vaccine against the contagious mutant and are partially immunised. On the other hand, 8,799 575 people have received their both doses of the vaccine against the viral infection and are fully inoculated. 

Further, as per the data of the Belgium Health Institute, a total of 4.3 million individuals have received their booster shots, and people are getting vaccinated as the government is urging people to get vaccinated. 

Moreover, Institute also stated that the infection in the country had been doubled, and it has reported more confirmed cases of viral illness. 

From December 23 to December 29, 2021, the country has recorded the highest cases, with 7,490 to 14,992 cases of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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COVID-19: Belgium lifts quarantine rules for immunised people