The representative from IsraAid, which included Meira Aboulafia, chairperson of the organization’s global board; Yotam Polizer, the organization’s CEO; Naama Gorodischer, the organization’s global chief humanitarian and stability officer, and Amy Rosenblatt Lui, executive director of the Beverly Foundation, met with Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, the prime minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, over the weekend.

Minister Skerrit highlighted that Chairperson IsraAID Global Board, IsraAID Global Chief Humanitarian and Resilience Officer, Amy Rosenblatt Lui, Executive Director, Beverly Foundation, Naama Gorodischer-IsraAID’s CEO and Meira Aboulafia, Chairperson IsraAID Global Board.


Dr Skerrit also stressed that the delegation team was in Dominica to evaluate Dominica’s stability pattern and find a possibility for additional collaborations.

He said, “The delegation came to Dominica to study our resilience concept and look for potential areas of future cooperation”.

In addition, PM Skerrit stated, “I embraced the opportunity to repeat our gratitude for IsraAID’s support of Dominica since the Hurricane Maria passed, in particular, its important support to the Ministry of Education to increase capacity, promote disaster risk reduction strategies, and maintain school emergency procedures”.

IsraAID US Board Member Andrea Lee-Zucker, IsraAID US Board Member Jonathan Barsade, IsraAID Dominica Country Director Nicole King, and Dominica’s Minister for Health, Wellness, and Social Services Cassanni Laville were all present during the meeting.


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