Dominican Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit paid homage to all the mothers across the country on Mother’s Day Sunday, May 14, 2023, and wished every mother Happy Mother’s Day.

Dominican Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit reached out to his social media handle on Sunday, May 14, 2023, to wish Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers nationwide who give selfless love and exceptional strength to sustain the families, chiildren and communities.


The Prime Minister paid homage to all the mothers across Dominica for their selfless love and exceptional strength, which have sustained the families and communities. Along with the deep post, the Prime Minister also shared a poster wishing Happy Mother’s Day From Him and the government of Dominica.

Regarding the greatness of a mother, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit shared some profound words describing the importance of mothers in everyone’s life, which is unforgettable and will always be celebrated by the country. He stated: ” For the care and nurturing of our children and your immeasurable contribution to our nation, we celebrate you today and always.”
On behalf of the Dominica Government, Prime Minister Skerrit wished Mother’s Day to every mother and prayed to bless every mother who spent all her life serving her children with excess love, effort, and nurturing.

As mothers are the most critical part of everyone’s life, who tried their best of efforts for their children and never asked for anything in return, her selfless actions and services towards her children have never been credited and recognised by society, so through his deep post, the Prime Minister appealed the people never to forget a mother behind you, who tried her best to sustain and nurture her families, children and communities and made to reach them at this level.


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