The Embassy of Latvia in Belarus emphasised the wrong and unlawful tactics used by Authorities in Belarus and arrested dozens and thousands of Political Representatives and local workers. They also shared about Siarhei Yarashevich. He has been sentenced to Jail for his Political Activism.

The Embassy of Latvia in Belarus addressed the wrongful arrest of Political Representatives from the past three years. The list of political prisoners is nearing 1460.


Each story speaks volumes about the human rights crisis in Belarus. The Embassy took a stand for all these injustices. They asserted that all those jailed & persecuted for exercising their rights must be released immediately and unconditionally, and their rights must be fully restored.

Highlighting these injustices, the Embassy shared about a Political activist, Siarhei Yarashevich. He was sentenced to more than six years of Imprisonment for his role in running a Telegram Channel.

Siarhei’s wife is also a Political Prisoner. His mother-in-law is raising their two children singlehandedly. The Embassy urged that Practising Political Activism is not a crime. He must be Free from his Imprisonment.

The Embassy recently also shared about Andrei Budai, a Construction worker and father of three. He was accused of damaging a surveillance Camera and enforcement of property personnel and sentenced to 15 years Imprisonment. Due process and the Principle of proportionality are critical to the rule of law. The Embassy urged to free him.

About Andrei Famin:- He is a Copywriter, a Creative Mind and an Animal Lover. After engaging in peaceful forms of protest following the fraudulent presidential elections, he was sentenced to seven years imprisonment. Freedom of expression must be guaranteed.

About Raman Bahnavets:- He is a construction worker and has a child. Following the fraudulent presidential elections, he was brutally mistreated during detention and sentenced to six years in Prison.