European Commission (EC) had remembered the day when the European Union (EU) was formed by signing the Maastricht Treaty on Monday, February 7, 2022. On the day, February 7, 1992, the heads of government of the states of the European Communities have signed the treaty (an international agreement) in the Dutch city of Maastricht.

The term Maastricht treaty is also known as the international agreement that has formed the European Union. The treaty’s implementation was done on November 1, 1993, as the EU has come into effect on the day.


While expressing their happiness and wishes to entire Europe, the European Commission took to Twitter, which cited,” On the day in 1992, the Maastricht treaty which was responsible for the foundation of the European Union was signed. Now, the EU has become such an efficient body in Europe that it offered joint foreign and security policy cooperation in the justice and home affairs fields to the citizens of Europe”.

The agreement has further brought tremendous cooperation between the 12 member nations who have signed the treaty. With the foundation of the European Union, the twelve nations have promoted unified citizenship, along with economic, social and progress. Moreover, the currency named euro have also formed by the treaty; however, the treaty has undergone so many amendments. Moreover, in October 2021, 27 member states joined the European Union.

Moreover, on the remembrance day of the EU, the European Commission has got various comments from the citizens of the people. While recognizing the day, The European Institute for Animal Law & Policy also commented,” The adoption of the Maastricht Treaty has been completed its 30 years. On the same day, the European Union has also declared the Protections of Animals treaty. This Declaration was the first to recognize animals’ interests in EU law”.

It further noted that the European took the step Union was commendable and there is much more need to do to protect the animals.

There was also negative content have been reported on the tweet of the European Commission as one of the citizens named Martin Tech Tips,” The old times, when the EU was working to increase people’s rights and liberties instead of taking them away. Sad to have seen the institution change so much”.

The European Union is the organization which is for entire Europe, and various countries such as France, Italy, Spain are part of the Union.



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