Dusseldorf, June 28, 2024 — After a challenging group stage performance that left fans both hopeful and apprehensive, Belgium’s national football team is setting its sights firmly on their upcoming clash against France in the UEFA Euro 2024 round of 16.

Following a goalless draw against Ukraine, Belgian midfielder Kevin De Bruyne expressed confidence in his team’s readiness for what promises to be a grueling encounter on Monday.


“We are prepared, we are ready for that challenging game,” declared De Bruyne, who was awarded the “UEFA Player of the Match” against Ukraine. Reflecting on their journey so far, he added, “This is only about getting into the next round. Here we are and now, it’s France. We can make it.”

Belgium’s journey through the group stage has been far from smooth, with inconsistent performances drawing criticism from fans and pundits alike. Despite this, national coach Domenico Tedesco remains optimistic, citing his team’s resilience and recent successes against top-tier opponents.

“We face a top team, and everything is possible,” remarked Tedesco, underscoring Belgium’s ability to rise to the occasion against formidable adversaries. “Therefore, why shouldn’t we make it against France?” he questioned, buoyed by his squad’s potential to deliver when it matters most.

Both De Bruyne and Tedesco emphasized the importance of fan support ahead of what is anticipated to be a closely contested match. “We need them, especially in tight games. I think they know,” De Bruyne acknowledged, urging Belgian supporters to rally behind the team in this pivotal moment.

The upcoming clash against France holds significant historical and sporting weight, with assistant coach Andreas Hinkel highlighting the positive timing of facing their arch-rivals.

“It’s a delicate duel against our neighbouring country, known as one of football’s Classicos,” noted the experienced Hinkel, drawing on his extensive career and international perspective.


Belgium’s preparations intensify as they aim to harness their potential and deliver a performance worthy of their talent against the reigning European champions. With stars like De Bruyne leading the charge and Tedesco’s tactical acumen guiding them, the Belgian squad remains steadfast in their pursuit of advancing further in the tournament.

As anticipation builds across the footballing world, all eyes will be on Dusseldorf’s clash between Belgium and France, where sporting prowess, national pride, and the thrill of Euro 2024 will converge. The stage is set for a gripping encounter that promises to showcase the best of European football and determine who advances in this prestigious competition.

In a tournament defined by surprises and stellar performances, Belgium stands poised to prove their mettle against one of the toughest adversaries they could face. With confidence and determination, they march forward, ready to write another chapter in their footballing history.


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