Europe: European Commission has declared the validity of the EU Digital Certificate for one year on Thursday, February 3, 2022, for European countries. Now, the duration has been exceeded for one year, and it is valid up to June 30 2023.

European Commission has stated Thursday, which reads,” Today, the European Commission (EC) have decided to increase the duration of the EU Digital COVID Certificate by a year. So far, the certificate is valid until June 30, 2023.


The statement further underlined that Covid-19 is the pandemic with whom we have to live, and there is less possibility that the impact of infections could be determined In the second half of 2022 as when the new variant is emerging.

While discussing the benefits of extending the duration, the EU explained that by extending the regulations, the travellers could easily increase the certificate to get entry in the European Union and further the member states of the public health would ensure their health measures”.

Further European Commission has also proposed some recommendation and limitations that should be followed, which includes that every travellers to Europe has to undergo a test of Covid-19, which have been specified by the certificate. Further, it proposed that the vaccination is mandatory and the certificate should be complete, which would refer to the data of the required jabs taken by the individual against the infection caused by the novel coronavirus.

At last, the certificate should be issued by the certified organisation so that valid proof must be given.

While citing the benefits of the certificate, EU Commissioner for Justice accentuated,” The EU Digital certificate is an efficient tool which ensures the safe and free travel. I want that may be the day when the need for the certificate becomes zero, but till then, we have to use it properly and effectively so that we would move around safely in Europe.

Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Stella Kyriakides commented,” The important tool such as the digital certificate would ensure the safety of people and protect the European citizens in the pandemic”.




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