Fiji: Assitant Minister of PM Sakiusa Tabuna highlights Gov efforts to promote nation’s sustainability

During his recent trip to the Northern Division, Sakiusa Tubuna, Assistant Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, Republic of Fiji, visited critical facilities in the region. He toured the Food Processors -Fiji Limited facility in Batiri, the Fiji Rice plant in Dreketi, and the Fiji Coconut Millers PTE Limited in Savusavu.

During the visits, Sakiusa Tubuna highlighted the government’s stance on promoting financial sustainability and reducing dependence on government grants for statutory companies and commercial enterprises.

He stressed the importance of these entities being profitable and self-sustaining, contributing to the overall economic growth of Fiji.

“We want our government statutory companies and commercial entities to be financially viable and profitable,” stated Tubuna. “This approach ensures that they can effectively fulfil their mandates, deliver services, and contribute to the nation’s development without relying heavily on taxpayer funds.”

The government aims to create an environment conducive to business success, fostering growth and innovation across sectors. By encouraging companies to operate efficiently and generate profits, the government seeks to improve service delivery, expand job opportunities, and elevate the country’s overall economic well-being.

“We believe that a financially healthy private sector, including government statutory companies, is crucial for driving economic progress,” added Tubuna. “Profitable businesses are better equipped to invest in modern technologies, infrastructure, and employee development, leading to increased competitiveness and productivity.”

The Assistant Minister reiterated that while the government is committed to supporting essential services and strategic projects, it aims to balance necessary funding and encourage financial autonomy for various enterprises.

“By incentivizing self-sufficiency, Fiji can build a more robust and resilient economy capable of navigating challenges and seizing opportunities globally,” the Assistant Minister said.

Through strategic partnerships, public-private collaborations, and transparent governance, the Fiji Government envisions a future where statutory companies and commercial ventures thrive independently, playing pivotal roles in the nation’s progress.

“As we forge ahead, we look forward to seeing a dynamic and prosperous business landscape that contributes significantly to Fiji’s growth and development,” concluded Sakiusa Tubuna. “We are confident that a vibrant private sector, working with the government, will pave the way for a more prosperous and sustainable future for all Fijians.”


Gabriel Peters

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