It is the first since the invasion began, that Russian army troops have helped three Indians by evacuating them, who were stranded in the south Ukrainian city of Kherson, which Russia captured.

The Indian Embassy in Moscow has helped ease the evacuation of these three Indians, including a student and two businesspersons via Simferopol (Crimea) and Moscow.


As per one of the diplomats at the Embassy in Moscow said on Tuesday, “We have facilitated their boarding of a convoy of buses to Simferopol and then helped them come to Moscow by train, after which they boarded their flight on Tuesday. One was a student who was heading to Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Two were businesspersons who were heading to Ahmedabad, Gujarat.”

It is the first time the Russian troops has helped evacuate Indians from Ukrainian territory. More than 22,000 Indians- over 17,000 of them were evacuated by special flights arranged by the Indian government, who have been managing to leave Ukraine since January last week this year.

Of these people, a considerable part was able to leave as both Ukraine and Russia promised a ceasefire.

But they all left from the western border regions via Poland, Hungary, Romania and the Slovak Republic. It is the first instance of Indians leaving via the eastern border and Russia.

As per one of the top officials from Russia’s Defence Ministry, its troops have taken control of the complete region of Kherson after the territory’s capital city of the same name was captured on March 3.

Meanwhile, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a meeting with stakeholders involved in Operation Ganga on Tuesday.


At the same time, Representatives of the Indian community and private sector in Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary have narrated their experiences of being part of the evacuation operation and expressed their sense of satisfaction at having contributed.

As per the statement released by Prime Minister’s Office, “The Prime Minister expressed appreciation for Indian community leaders, volunteers groups, companies, private individuals and government officials who have worked for the success of the operation.”

While mentioning evacuation efforts, the Prime Minister recalled his personal interactions with leaders of Ukraine and its neighbouring nations and expressed gratitude for the support received from all foreign nations’ governments.


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