Around half of Belgium people don’t know where their electricity comes from: Study

Almost half of Belgians don’t know where their electricity comes from, according to a study from the energy platform Bolt Energie.

The spread of monkeypox was sexual transmission at raves in Europe: WHO

A top adviser to the World Health Organization (WHO) has revealed the unprecedented outbreak of monkeypox in developed nations as "a random event" that might be explained by sexual behaviour at two recent raves.

Switzerland remains most popular destination for German emigrants among EU: Reports

The Federal Statistical Office of Germany (Destatis) has mentioned that Switzerland remains the most popular destination for German emigrants among all other European countries.


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According to the report, Fitbit watches will now have the snore detection feature. The feature allows a microphone ( if the device has one ) to listen and track ambient noises that could include your potential snoring. 

The idea of listening to these ambient noises probably after sleep till you wake up will drain your battery and test the limits of the device. The tracking would take the whole night, and that sounds a little creepy. 

And according to 9to5 reports, this potential feature would be called “Snore & Noise Detect.” This feature will not only detect your voice and snoring but the person sleeping next to you. It will analyze the different sound effects and will try to find snore-specific sounds among them. 

The snore and noise detector will classify all the sounds. For example, if a person snores for 10 to 40% of the night, it will be a moderate case. 

fitbit snore and noise feature
source: 9to5 google

If the sound levels are slightly higher than the basic levels, it will determine whether it is detecting the snoring or something else. Fitbit tracker can also distinguish between sounds, and it will determine whether the wearer of the watch is snoring or the person beside them. 

The feature suggests users charge their Fitbit at least 40% and recommend not to play white or ambient noises that can hinder snore detection. But Fitbit has not yet indicated to the users what to do with the collected data on snoring. What is the use of this collection? 

Fitbit has also started developing another feature called ” sleep animals,” which is now in the earlier stages of development than this snore detector. This feature will test how humans correlate with other animals. And just like the snore detector, this feature usage is not yet out. The snore and Noise feature is not available for testing purposes neither for all users.


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Fitbit to reportedly add noise, snore detection feature!