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On Tuesday, France reported a new record-breaking 271,686 daily cases as Omicron infections spread across the country, putting a burden on hospital staff and threatening to disrupt transportation, schools and other services.

The French authority is focusing on avoiding a new economically damaging lockdown. Instead, it is trying to introduce a vaccine pass bill through parliament in hopes that it will be enough to protect hospitals.

Meanwhile, recording Europe’s highest number of daily cases, France is in an increasingly hassling position after the weeks of record-breaking figures.

During the last week, France’s average daily caseload has soared more than double, with an overall infection rate of more than 1,671 persons per 100,000.

The United Kingdom, which is also experiencing a significant surge, recorded a new high of 218,274 daily cases on Tuesday.

Even on Tuesday, Germany has also reported over 30,561 cases.

Over 20,000 people have been admitted to hospitals in France suffering from the virus, a number that has been pacing continuously for weeks but not as quickly as infection rates.

Meanwhile, coronavirus affected-patients have filled over 72% of France’s ICU (Intensive Care Unit) beds. Most patients in ICUs are unvaccinated, despite around 77% of the overall population having received at least two doses.

In France, over 123,000 people have succumbed to the contagious virus, making it among the worst-affected nations in the world in terms of deaths.

Meanwhile, COVID-19 is affecting people’s regular lives as it has resulted in halting the work because either workers are ill or in close contact cases. It is also causing disruptions in hospitals and forcing the delay or cancellation of trains, among other services.

The French administration plans to enforce restrictions on crowds and reintroduce using face masks outdoor. The spike also forces the candidates preparing for April presidential elections to pull back campaign events.

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France records 271,686 daily cases as Omicron variant soars