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As per the reports, advertisements related to cars will soon be including the message of encouraging people to take more environment-friendly means of transport under a new law coming into effect by this year.

The message includes, “Consider carpooling”, “For day-to-day use, take public transportation”, and “for short trips, prefer walking or cycling.”

Meanwhile, the nation is trying to reduce its carbon emissions. The new rules starting in March will require auto-manufacturers to incorporate language as same as the warnings displayed in the advertisement of other products.

In a statement, French ecological transition minister Barbara Pompili said, “Decarbonizing transportation isn’t the only switching to an electric motor.”

“It also means to opting for cycling or using public transport service whenever possible,” she said.

According to the statement released by the European Environment Agency said, “Transport emissions accounts for over 25% of the greenhouse gas emissions of the European Union.”

Notably, France has passed a vast range of laws to tackle the global problem of climate change, though several environmentalists said that provisions are inadequate.

According to the reports, “The message will be needed for all the automotive advertisements, including television advertisements.

Meanwhile, advertisers who do not comply with the new law will face a fine of €50,000- or around €56,000.

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French Automotive industry initiate ads to encourage environment-friendly transportation