During an interview, Adrien Rabiot shared his childhood dream on Thursday, March 23, 2023, and expressed his never-ending passion for playing football from a younger age.

Adrien Thibault Marie Rabioter, a professional footballer of France’s national team who also plays as a central midfielder for Seria A club Juventus, in a recent interview said, “Growing up, I liked Liverpool so much as I was a fan of Steven Gerrard, who made him dream, and so that’s why the reason He followed the Reds.”


Then he also told about his other idol Zidane. When asked about his style of playing the game, he further says, “When I was younger, because I was taller than the other kids, I was playing in like number ten role, behind the attack, a kind of fantasist. Then a classic mezzaluna, but I like to be an o” offensive player. I warn that this is my nature.”

While asking about his nickname given by Juventus fans as ‘crazy horse.’
he adds, “Strange that I have this nickname, but I like a crazy horse a lot. I’m a quiet, serene guy. But on the field, I transform myself, and in fact, I like the comparison with the horse, which is an animal that runs free, robust and elegant.”

And on a conversation about Juventus, he says, “At Juventus, I’ve always tried to work hard and apply myself. That’s the real reason that made me get where I am. Work for me is the basis of everything, and that’s why Juventus is a different reality than all the other clubs.”

When asked about his future, Adrien says, “For the moment, there is no information, but will definitely talk soon, as in two months the season will be over, and he will then definitely try to discuss, right now There is the chance of leaving, but there’s also a possibility of signing another contract.

Also, While asking about his improvement till now, he added”, In terms of numbers, the statistics say I’m improving greatly. There are other aspects where I can do better, such as long throws. I have still shown that I am a complete player, but surely I can do even more and raise the level of what I already think I am doing well. When I succeed, those plays of mine will become even more decisive.”

And also, when asked about his team’s performance, he said, “Without the 15-point penalty, it is sure that we would be able to hit the qualification for the most important club competition. But honestly, as we are doing in this second part of the season, and taking into account the strength of this group, I say that we could qualify even if the penalty were to remain. I believe it. For me, we are now second because of what the field says, and the team has the strength to put pressure on those in front. If we were to win Europa League, then the qualification would be automatic, as you know.”



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