French Politician and Member of the European Parliament Max Orville, on the successful four years of European Governance, expressed his pleasure and gratitude and shared the government of France has been working consistently to serve its people. The government is attentive towards the climate and other unwelcomed consequences and is well prepared against its effective and suitable parameters.

French Politician and Member of the European Parliament Max Orville recently took to his social media handle to express his gratitude and pleasure over completing four years in the European Parliament in France. He added: “Four years ago to the day, you elected us to the European Parliament. For four years, we have been working for you every day”.


MEP Max Orville shared that the French Government is committed to the climate, with the realization of the “Green Pact”, which covers dozens of laws to achieve their carbon neutrality by 2050. he also shared that the government of France is even working consistently to protect the people from all the significant threats of the world by supporting Ukraine against the Russian aggressor, promoting a European defence, building the European Health Union, regulating the digital giants and looking after the matters of globalization.

Further, MEP Max also shared about their contributions to fighting against all the injustice and odd norms related to inequality at work, ending the social dumping within the European Union, and reducing energy prices. We protect our values by upholding the rule of law, defending our principles on asylum and migration, and fighting for the freedom of LGBTIQ+ people across the Union.

MEP Orville also shared that the government is fighting hard and consistently against these battles to build European sovereignty, which protects them against the significant challenges of the times and offers them new opportunities. “A stronger Europe is a stronger France”, added MEP Orville.


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