With a new ray of hope for the LGBTQ+ community, the French government made a new law that has permitted the community to show their identity freely. As per the new law, conversion therapies have been banned in the country.

Under the new law, the people will be fined and sentenced to jail who use the scientifically debunked practice in an attempt to change the sexual frontage or gender identity of LGBTQ people.


On Tuesday evening (January 25, 2022), with the voting 142-0, the national assembly approved the new law unanimously.

Moreover, the legislation would also ensure the criminal proceedings and penalties against the people who would be found trying to “convert” LGBTQ people to heterosexuality or traditional gender expectation.

Moreover, the law was also recommended that the campaigners could also file lawsuits in court on behalf of the victim. The provision is being hailed in the parliament in order to give confidence to the people who hesitate or are unable to guard themselves.

As per the lawmaker Lauernec Vanceunebrock, who has promoted the law in the parliament, cited,” the law will help the people get equality in society and prevent people from sickness caused by sexual orientation, and while adding that this is a natural, she said,” there is nothing to fix”.

While describing conversion therapy as “barbaric”, Elisabeth, the French government’s equalities and diversity minister asserted that the people suffered a lot with the behaviour of the society with them, and the conversion therapy leaves permanent marks on the bodies and minds of the people.

The law has pronounced that the people who reprimand the sexual orientation or gender identity leads to the physical and mental impact on the health of victims will be punished for up to two years in jail ad also fined 30,000 euros.


Moreover, it was also asserted under the law that the punishment could also increase to three years imprisonment and fines of 45,000 euros in an attempt to practise the therapy on minors or vulnerable people.

The United States and the United States Caribbean territory of Puerto Rico have already banned conversion therapy in the countries.

With the sign of President Emmanuel Macron, the law will come into effect within the next 14 days.


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