Two Russians living in the country attacked a German girl. The Russians started teasing the woman while working in a restaurant. She was the subject of their crude conversation. The girl slapped the man after he irritated her by using foul language in defence.

Later, He viciously beats the young girl. A little while ago, she collapsed to the ground and exited the restaurant. If the victim’s head strikes a solid or metallic item during the attack, it could cause severe damage.

A person in the restaurant captured the entire incident on his camera and posted it on social media. The video is seen by multiple users and criticized the man who committed an act of violence against the young woman. Individuals demanded strict actions or detention against the Russian.

As a result of public demands to stop Russian immigration and expel individuals already living there, the occurrence is getting related to the Russia-Ukraine war. Following their reputation for clumsiness across the globe and their invasion of Ukraine, most European and American countries prohibited Russian citizens from crossing their borders.

The Russian people were subjected to sanctions since it was thought that they were causing problems everywhere they went. Most individuals agreed with this assertion, which was likely validated by the incident in which a Russian immigrant attacked a German girl.

The people in the restaurant said that the woman slapped the man first, and he reciprocated in self-defence. Violence, according to him, is not a solution to the issue, but you will only receive what you give to others.

He remarked that perhaps he wouldn’t have slapped the woman if she hadn’t initiated contact.


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