Around half of Belgium people don’t know where their electricity comes from: Study

Almost half of Belgians don’t know where their electricity comes from, according to a study from the energy platform Bolt Energie.

The spread of monkeypox was sexual transmission at raves in Europe: WHO

A top adviser to the World Health Organization (WHO) has revealed the unprecedented outbreak of monkeypox in developed nations as "a random event" that might be explained by sexual behaviour at two recent raves.

Switzerland remains most popular destination for German emigrants among EU: Reports

The Federal Statistical Office of Germany (Destatis) has mentioned that Switzerland remains the most popular destination for German emigrants among all other European countries.


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Pamela Denise Anderson is the Canadian-American actress, model, television actor and author. Her work on “Home Improvement”, “Baywatch” and “V.I.P.” are some of her notable works. Other than that, Pamela is also known for her numerous appearances in Playboy magazines. Moreover, Anderson was chosen as the Playmate of the Month for Playboy’s magazine in February 1990. She has also often appeared on the cover of the magazine and reported all Playboy covers by everyone.

Quick facts about Pamela Anderson

  • Her full name is Раmеlа Denise Аndеrѕоn.
  • She is 53 уеаrѕ оld.
  • Pamela was born on 1st June 1967.

Pamela Anderson’s Career

In 1989, she was at a BCLIONS Canadian Football League match in Vancouver’s BC Place Stadium, featuring a Labatt’s Beer T-Shirt on the Jumbotron. Other than that, Anderson was briefly employed by the brewing company as a model. Inspired by the incident, Dan Ilicic created a Blue Zone Girl poster of her image. Subsequently, after moving to Los Angeles, Anderson won a minor part in the series “Home Improvement” of ABC as Lisa, the original “Tool Time Kid”.

Her first appearance in film was in “Raw Justice”, also known as the “Good Cop, Bad Cop”. After that, in 1996, she appeared in the movie “Barb Wire”, which was later believed by some sources to be the real name of Anderson. However, it wasn’t factual.

Pamela Anderson’s Personal Life

On 19 February 1995, Anderson got married to a drummer at Mötley Crue named Tommy Lee. The couple had met only four days before getting married. Anderson in the bikini, they married on a beach. On the other hand, Anderson  mother herself  did not know about the wedding, and heard from People’s magazine.

Besides, Pamela was professionally known as Pamela Anderson Lee during this period. The couple have two sons: Brandon Thomas and Dylan Jagger. Since their separation, Pamela dated many people and got married to some too, but none of them last. However, Anderson is now currently married to her bodyguard, Dan Hayhurst.

How much is her Net Worth?

The net value of Pamela Anderson is $20 million. Also, Anderson had appeared on the fourth year of the Indian version of Big Brother called “Bigg Boss”. For the three days she spent in her home, she was allegedly paid $550,000. Pamela has earned $300,000 per episode at the height of the show’s event, about $6.6 million per year.

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Is Pamela Anderson married? How much is her Net Worth?