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Like Rocket League, few games embody “pure fun”. It’s not a hard game to understand. You’re driving a car, you’re hitting the opposing target with a big ball, and the first team to score the most points wins. It’s the simplicity, though, that makes Rocket League such a great game.

It’s the simplicity that makes Rocket League such a great game. Rocket League has something for you, no matter whether you are an indoctrinated RPG player with thousands of hours on record or someone who likes to take a load off with Animal Crossing. 

Is Rocket League a great game?

It also caters to several channels. The recent success and sustained interest are most likely due to cross-platform support. Certainly, it is among the many reasons why the Rocket League is a great game. 

Rocket League is compatible with the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam, and Nintendo Switch. No matter which platform you’re on, you can team up online with friends or against them. Like Call of Duty: Warzone, players on all platforms, join the same queue for matchmaking. So you’ll actually be competing alongside users on other systems while you’re playing online. 

Unlike Warzone and Modern Warfare, you don’t need an external account for crossplay. Cross-platform play should already be available as long as you updated your game on February 19, 2019. To play with other systems, all you have to do is start a match. 

How was the support of the game?

Even though Rocket League is five years old, it did not receive full cross-platform support until last year. Rocket League entered PlayStation’s crossplay beta shortly after Sony bowed to gamers’ requests for cross-platform support for Fortnite.

How to play this?

While the cross-platform play is allowed by default in Rocket League, it never hurts to double-check. Alternatively, you can also turn the feature off if you want to play with players on the same platform as you. 

To find the setting, follow Options > Game-play from the main menu. Look for a box labelled Cross-Platform Play and make sure it’s checked. Cross-platform play is enabled if the box is filled, and it isn’t if the box isn’t filled. 

In public and private matches, you can play with other platforms as long as you have allowed the environment. If you want to play with friends that aren’t on the same platform as you, you can add them to the Friends menu just like you would with players on the same platform. 

What are the updates?

Rocket League will become free-to-play later this year, and Psyonix will bring cross-platform progression along with it. While Psyonix plans to continue supporting Steam, the game also moves exclusively to the Epic Games Store on the PC. 

No matter what platform you’re on, between systems, all of your success will carry over. Progress involves goods, your competitive rating, and the rank of your Rocket Move. All, just like Fortnite, will go through your Epic Games account, so the shift should be seamless.

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Is Rocket League Cross Platform?