Amid the slowdown of the viral infection caused by the SARS-CoV-2, the government of Italy has hefted the COVID-19 protocol, which mandates the citizens of the country to wear the COVID mask in the outdoor places, stated by the deputy health minister Andrea Costa of the country. From February 11, 2022, the citizens of Italy don’t need to wear masks in the outdoor spaces against the novel coronavirus.

As per the report of Costa that the health minister Roberto Speranza has signed on the draft or order which lifted the requirement of wearing masks against the COVID-19 for outdoor spaces across Italy from February 1, the COVID-19 measure has been adopted despite the risk posed by the viral infection of the novel coronavirus under the colour-coded system of the government of Italy.


While emphasizing the requirement of the step, Costa noted,” The main goal of the government behind the step is to enhance the measures that influence the opening of Italy and also decline the situation of state emergence that has come since the pandemic has emerged in the country”.

He further recognized the step as a positive sign of hope for the citizens of Italy as for almost two years, they have been following the rules related to the COVID-19 restrictions and also have joined the government in the massive vaccination drive to curtail the infection caused by the novel coronavirus”.

He also warned the citizens that the removal of the COVID-19 restriction doesn’t mean that people got careless about the situation as the people have to remain cautious as the infection is under control, but it hasn’t finished yet.

“We are still facing infection caused by the novel coronavirus; however, there is a 30 perecnt of decrease in a weak, asserted Health Minister Speranza on Monday, February 7, 2022.

Further, as per the data, more than 88 percent of the people of the country have been vaccinated against the viral infection of the novel coronavirus were the age of 12, and around 35 million people have also received the third dose of the vaccine in Italy.


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