The thousands of citizens of Italy have come out on the streets in outrage against the compulsory vaccine pass or green pass to access the various public spaces such as restaurants, bars, parks on Sunday, February 6, 2022. 

The government of Italy has decided to lift most of the restrictions against the viral infection caused by the SARS-CoV-2; however, the government has also made it mandatory to show the vaccine or green pass to get entry in several public spaces in the past week. 


While protesting uniquely at Turin, the demonstrators have chosen streets to dine in front of the restaurants to resist against the vaccine passports. In short, thousands of protestors have dined together in front of restaurants against the particular protocol. 

The protest was held at various places such as Turin, Livorno, Rome, and many other places in Italy against the COVID-19 vaccine pass. People from different parts of Italy have bright their own food and drink and started eating food in front of restaurants in the protests against the banned entry for those who don’t have vaccine or green pass against the novel coronavirus. 

Thousands of people have gathered in front of the Palazzo Barbieri in fair Verona against health apartheid and President of Italy Maria Draghi

Moreover, the demonstrators across Italy have appealed the various other citizens to join the protests. The demonstration against the vaccine pass has also intensified on Twitter as citizens are appealing and posting videos and photos of the rally. 


One of the citizens named Bernie’s Tweets exclaimed,” The people reject the draconian restrictions and discrimination of those who would not comply. Stand with Italy, it’s time to end this farce before they lose their jobs. This must end”. 

Further, Alessia on Twitter asserted,” Restaurants require vaccine Green Passes to enter. Citizens of #Livorno bring their own food and drink and do it in front of them! Great!!!! It should be done in all cities”.   

As per the demonstrators, they are protesting against Italy’s draconian vaccine pass regime as they believe that the protocol is heartening for the freedom of the country’s citizens. Any government could not compel the citizens of Italy to show the vaccine pass to get entry into the public spaces. 


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