Italy-based Musical Singer Francesco Mami felt pleasured and excited and shared his experience of his recent trip to Germany and Spain, which took him across the lively vibes of Barcelona and the vibrant energy of Berlin.

Post his recent visit to Germany and Spain, Italy-based Musical Singer Francesco Mami took to his official social media handle to share his experience of his recent trip and how the lively vibes of Barcelona and the Vibrant energy of Berlin took him made him fall away. he experienced the incredible folks and of the places and energy and crowd’s enthusiasm he experienced made him in awe.


First and foremost, Singer Francesco gave a heartfelt shout-out to the incredible folks at Small Great Things. Inviting him to rock the house at Oxi Club shared that the energy was electric, and the crowd’s enthusiasm had me in awe. He expressed his profound pleasure for such a fantastic experience and thanked them for making it a memorable night.

Further, he sincerely appreciated the beautiful Close Knit for welcoming him with open arms to the iconic Macarena Club in Barcelona. And also added that the atmosphere was buzzing, and the love from the crowd was unique.

Furthermore, he shared that the Moments like these made him fall in love with what he did all over again and that the best part of his trip was taking his younger brother and mother along with him.

While sharing some pictures with his mother and younger brother on his social media handle, he added that he had the incredible joy of bringing his brother and mother on this adventure as their smiles and support made every moment even more special and also shared about the icing on the cake was taking his mom to witness his DJ performance at Sisyphos.

At last, Singer Fracescp added that this journey was an emotional experience he would cherish forever. And expressed his pleasure and sincerely thanked David Silver and Luca Olivotto for making this journey come true.