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Former South African President Jacob Zuma gave himself over to cops later on Wednesday, administrations said, to start up a 15-month jail penalty for resentment of the judiciary.

The motion ceased days of fierce presumption over whether the law and retired President would concede with the nation’s Constitutional Court for Zuma’s charge and detention.

Zuma, who administered as South Africa’s President from 2009 to 2018, had been lent days until July 4 to give himself over to the law.

If he ceased to function to show, permission was provided until the end of Wednesday to imprison the 79-year-old and fetch him in.

Just before the watch hurt down on the midnight deadline, Zuma was conceded to the Estcourt Correctional Center near his residence in the KwaZulu-Natal region, according to the Department of Correctional Services.

“Former President of South Africa, Mr. Jacob Zuma was on July 7, 2021, stationed in the detention of the South African Police Service, in observance with the Constitutional Court decision,” Police Ministry spokesman Lirandzu Themba said in an announcement.

Zuma was set up culpable of resentment of the judiciary and presented a 15-month jail period on June 29, a landmark move in the nation’s long-running conspiracy tale.

The decree curbed Zuma’s denial to emerge at an anti-corruption commission to reply to issues about his apparent share in fraud during his duration as President.

Zuma has frequently refuted the long-running testimonies of fraud against him.

It is a highly metaphorical time that the past President and crucial figure of the African National Congress (ANC), who disbursed ten years in jail with the anti-apartheid icon and past President Nelson Mandela, could expend substantial period in jail.

His confinement, nevertheless, could be short-lived.

On Friday, a High Court magistrate will sanction whether the officer should have stayed to take him in until after a Constitutional Court hearing, expected to take place on July 12, where his attorneys will contend mitigating conditions in his verdict.

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Former South African President Jacob Zuma jailed!