The most famous and well-preserved building of Strasbourg, France, The Kammerzell House, which was initially built in 1427, is a 15th-century timbered house located next to the cathedral and today houses and today houses restaurant. In different languages, the Kamerzell House is pronounced and spelt differently. In Alastian, it’s pronounced and spelt as Kammerzellhüs; in French, it’s Maison Kammerzell; in German, it’s Kammerzellhaus.

The 15th-century Kammerzell timbered house is one of the most famous buildings in Strasbourg, France. It is located next to the cathedral and houses a hotel and restaurant today. It was initially built in 1427 but was later rebuilt several times. In 1467, It was first constructed when the house’s ground floor was made of stone, which is still preserved and visible today.


In 1589, the three floors above were built. Protruding above the first floor is The fantastic building of Kamerzell House which cantilevers slightly. The Interior of the Kammerzell House is richly decorated, with lavish carvings that still impress visitors today. The three floors of the Kammerzell House are another three floors under the roof.

The carvings on the façade of the Kammerzell House are a mixture of sacred and profane elements. They quote biblical scenes but take their cue from Greco-Roman antiquity – and are built from the Middle Ages. At the end of the 19th century, specifically in 1892, the Maison Kammerzell was extensively renovated and restored; afterwards, the painter Léo Schnug was commissioned to paint murals inside the building. These paintings have been on display there since 1905.

The dark wood and finely chiselled carvings make the house a real eye-catcher in Strasbourg and one of the most visited sights, which is also considered one of the most amazing half-timbered houses in the world and belongs to the Late Gothic period. The unique thing about the Maison Kammerzell is that it has been preserved in its original substance compared to similar buildings from the same period, such as the Knochenhaueramtshaus in Hildesheim and the Salzhaus in Frankfurt am Main.

The Kammerzell House is located in the heart of Europe, from Strasbourg Cathedral; the house represents the proud, centuries-old splendour of the city. Seventy-five glass windows, so-called cul-de-bouteille, bull’s-eye windows, let the light into the rooms and conjure an exceptional atmosphere. On the ground floor is the Léo Schnug room, named after the artist who painted the allegorical frescoes on the walls in 1904.

The murals have names: “Ship of Fools”, “Executioner’s Supper”, or “Tantalus’ Agony”. They are also responsible for Caveau’s reputation as Strasbourg’s most beautiful wine bar. On the first floor, visitors view Strasbourg Cathedral and its delicate pink spires. In the alcove on the first floor, the bishop’s salon, and the salon vigneron (the winegrower’s salon), subdued light penetrates through the bull’s-eye windows.