The Coolest Four-legged archway Tree is the most incredible Tree in Cedar Falls, Iowa. The four-legged archway Tree is over one hundred years old; the Tree was planted by Scottish Sculptor John Henning in 1915, post his retirement. The Tree can be easily seen from the 1800 block of Tremont Street in Cedar Falls. In 2009, the four-legged Tree was damaged by heavy storms, but today, it stands firm, forming an archway.

Scottish Sculptor John Henning opted to farm post his retirement and immigration to Germany as a young man; he moved into town. John Henning planted four linden tree saplings—2 on either side of the walk—leading up to his front door.


With lots of experience grafting apple trees, John Henning aimed to imitate the archways of lindens he recalled from Berlin. First, the two on the same side of the walk were lashed together and grafted. Each pair was tall enough to arch over the walk; he grafted the pairs. Over time, a towering trunk grew from the original four.

The four-legged Tree of Cedar Falls has weathered two major setbacks in its long life. After many years John Henning started his project, the front right Tree died, and a replacement was grafted in. Thus the four-legged Tree has a lesser girth trunk.

Reportedly, Cedar Falls was settled in 1845 and founded by William Sturgis and Erasmus D. Adams; It was initially named Sturgis Falls until it was merged into Cedar City. The city Founders of Cedar Falls, William Sturgis and Erasmus D. Adams, are honoured yearly with a large Community Celebration called the Sturgis Falls Celebration. As per the United States Census Bureau (USCB), Cedar Falls city has a total area of 29.61 square miles, of which 28.75 square miles is land and 0.86 square miles is water.