UK: Londonbased Georgina Millington shared some nostalgic memories from her old family home, built in the 1930s, located on the outskirts of the little village of Whimple, Devon, UK, recently on her social media handle.

Georgina Millington recently took to her social media handle. She shared the memories of her old family-built home of the 1930s, located on the outskirts of a little village of Whimple, Devon, UK. She also shared some glimpses of her house, including its lavished living room, Kitchen, Bedroom and dining etc.


Georgina shared that the house looked different when she lived there, as the subsequent owners did some work on it. But the WWII Nissen hut of her home still exists today.

She shared that she found it quite cathartic looking through the pictures of her old family-built home of the 1930s. For many years after she moved out, she shared that she really missed her unique house, and her parents even regretted their decision to sell it.

She shared that these images of her old family home make her realise that a home is so much more than bricks and mortar.

She said it’s a beautiful and imposing house, and she was fortunate to have once called it home. But beyond that, there were so many memories of her very happy childhood there. From spending the last few Christmas with the grandparents before they passed, the excitement of welcoming a new four-legged family member to her family- a dog, but she shared that she also had two horses, six hamsters, two rabbits and two guinea pigs, to the day Gergina stood outside waiting for the school bus to take her to her secondary school for her first day. she remembered each memory from her old house and shared that.
It is a Straightway Head House; for her, it represents a happy childhood and the best family memories.


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