The plan of designing jewellery from breast milk may seem weird, but a woman from London is making it possible. Safiyya Riyadh, a mom of three, and her husband Adam Riyadh are running a company- Magenta Flowers. It holds special occasion flowers and turns them into precious peacekeepers. The company started its operations in 2019. It has delivered around 4,000 orders.

The company has now extended its business into breast milk jewellery. The company reported a turnover of 1.5 million pounds in 2023. The couple belongs to Bexley, London. Safiyya and her husband have learned about an article about breast milk being used to make during the COVID-19 lockdown. They then combined the idea into their work.


The demand for breast milk jewellery is increasing. The couple is working with mothers and helping them keep their breast milk by turning them into precious stones to “memorialise their breastfeeding journey.”

Several reports quoted Safiyya as saying, “It provides a sentimental connection between mothers and their babies and celebrates that cherished bond. Customers need to provide at least 30 ml of milk to get preserved into valuable gems.

The company researched a lot to find out the formula for moulding breast milk into precious stones. It assured that milk owns its original colour. According to reports, Safiyya found technical processing of dehydrating the liquid and then mixing it with high-quality non-yellowing resin so that the jewellery remain clear for a long time. The jewellery moulded from breast milk includes necklaces, earrings, and rings.


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