South American-based artist Martel shared his experience of using the paintbrush for the first time after over ten years. He shared his excitement while creating some fantastic pieces of Paintings at his art gallery on Wednesday, April 26, 2023.

South-American-based artist Martel revealed some of his artwork, which he made on Tuesday with a paintbrush; he shared that he held the paintbrush for a long time, it’s been more than ten years since he used the paintbrush, and Martel wanted to use the paintbrush in his artwork since a very long time. Still, after a long time, he finally got to create it; Martel shared his excitement about using the paintbrush on his social media handle.


Martel also shared some of the abstract pieces of paintings he made with his paintbrush; he shared that Tuesday was all about experimenting and fun; he got pretty excited while making the art pieces with the paintbrush and came up with two more abstracts, art pieces; he shared he felt so happy on how his art pieces went, he made using paintbrushes, he also shared an art piece of sunset he made out of his chilled mood.

Martel shared that he loved the colours of the art pieces and loved the feeling he got while creating those pieces; he also shared that while making the art pieces, he got to know about many things and learnt how these colours impact one’s mindset and creativity, he also shared about talking to an artist in Brazil who solely paints with bright colours to provide anti-depressive art to the world. Also, he shared his idea of using a blip of gold ink or pen for these art pieces, as the longer he leaves it, the more he would enjoy looking at them.


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