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Microsoft will launch a personal version of Microsoft Teams today. After previewing the service almost a year ago, Microsoft Teams is now free for personal use among friends and family. The service itself is nearly identical to the Microsoft equipment used by businesses and will allow people to chat quickly video call, and share calendars, locations, and files.
It will continue to provide everyone with the complimentary 24-hour video calls featured in the November preview. You can make video calls with up to 300 people, which can last 24 hours. After the pandemic, Microsoft will eventually impose a 60-minute limit on group calls with a maximum of 100 people but will maintain a 24-hour limit for 1:1 calling.
Although the preview was initially released on iOS and Android, personal use of Microsoft Teams is now available on the web, mobile, and desktop apps. Microsoft also allows individual Teams users to enable their Together mode, a feature that uses AI to split your face and shoulders and place you and others in a virtual space. Skype got the same functionality in December.
Speaking of Skype, Microsoft hasn’t announced any plans to replace Skype with Microsoft Teams on the consumer side. It said that last year when it released a preview of the personal version of Microsoft Teams, it said it was “fully committed to Skype.” Still, the rise of Zoom during the pandemic indeed highlighted the importance of Skype among consumers.
As mentioned last year, the personal version of Microsoft Teams is part of a series of extensive efforts by Microsoft to stay in touch with consumers after exiting a series of activities with consumer-friendly services. Microsoft doesn’t want to compete with iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or other chat apps. Still, Zoom has come to the company’s attention after its massive surge among consumers during the pandemic.
If you’re interested in trying Microsoft Teams for personal use, you can download the desktop, Android, or iOS apps or visit Teams on the web directly without downloading anything.

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Microsoft Teams is now available for personal use, includes all-day free video calling