Former heavyweight professional boxer Mike Tyson has again set himself into another controversy after throwing continuous punches on a fellow passenger on board a plane and leaving him bloodied, says reports.

As per reports, Tyson, 55, got into a brawl when an “overly excited” fan, who was sitting behind him, kept talking “in his ear” after the boxing legend asked him to “chill.”


The alleged incident took place on board a flight scheduled to take off from San Fransisco International Airport to Florida at 10:30 pm local time.

Witnesses claimed that Tyson was initially “cool” with all the passengers, including the one that was sitting behind him and his friend.

The Baddest Man on the Planet even has taken a selfie with one of the two remained “patient” with the other man sitting in the row behind him.

But, the passenger continued to “annoy” Tyson, and that is when the former professional athlete allegedly threw a series of punches to his face, which bloodied his forehead.

A video was also released showing what appeared to be Tyson showering a series of blows at the man.


Whereas, the sources close to the boxing legend claimed the passenger was “extremely intoxicated” and wouldn’t stop provoking the heavyweight athlete.

As per reports, Tyson’s team claims the passenger threw a water bottle at the former world heavyweight champion.

Meanwhile, as per witnesses, Tyson disembarked from the aircraft just seconds later. The man later received medical attention and spoke to police following the incident.

Iron Mike is considered as one of the best and most intimidating boxers of all time.

Tyson has enjoyed a successful career from 1985 until 2005 that saw him winning 50 out of 58 fights, of which he only lost six.

He has once tried his luck in Hollywood as part of the Hangover films and even turned to public speaking.

He is currently in the business of cannabis as he legally sells weed since 2016 via his Tyson Holistic label and makes £500,000 per month.


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