Major International Annual Peagent Show, Miss Universe 2023, is all set to emerge in El Salvador on Saturday, November 18, 2023. This year, 85 countries will be competing for Miss Universe 2023 with their respective advocacy.

This would be the 72nd Peagent of Miss Universe 2023, which will fall in the vibrant culture, breathtaking landscapes, and captivating beauty of El Salvador.


This year, Miss Universe has covered various advocacies based on Humanitarian issues. The Nominated contestants would represent each advocacy and be the voice for a positive change.

The most popular advocacy is mental health (psychological support). In this, Several Countries are competing, including Aruba, Belgium, the British Virgin Islands, Nicaragua, Norway, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and Switzerland. 

Following this, several other advocacies have been representing other topics, such as Sustainability in fashion, Financial, Girls and Women in sports, Disability awareness, etc.

  1. Sustainability in fashion includes Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Lebanon, and Slovakia.
  2. Financial empowerment – Zimbabwe, Trinidad & Tobago, Thailand
  3. Girls and women in sports/accessibility – Australia, Curaçao, Peru
  4. Body positivity – Venezuela, Nepal 
  5. Disability awareness – Costa Rica, Iceland 

Despite this, Only one contestant has attributed enormous global awareness to climate change in the Bahamas. She’s considered to be a climate change scientist. 

However, China’s platform is Vague and has been looking unclear. Sixteen contestants incorporated the buzzwords “empowerment,” “empowering” and “self-empowerment.” 

The Contestants competing for Peagent 2023 have a desire to be transformational leaders and forces for good. The desirable winner would be based on their advocacy and the weight it carries.


Miss Universe started giving away a Social Impact Award in 2020, and none of the winners of this award has even placed in the semifinals. 

The Schedule for this year’s Miss Universe 2023 will be as follows:-

  1. Prelim Competition- Wednesday, November 15, 2023, 7 PM CST 8 PM EST
  2. National Costume- Thursday, November 16, 2023, 8 PM CST 9 PM EST
  3. Finale- Saturday, November 18, 2023, 7 PM CST, 8 PM EST

As per the Sources, 80 Candidates from different countries have been nominated for the 72nd edition of the Miss Universe competition in El Salvador. Some of the Contestants have already arrived in El Salvador, and the rest are heading on the way.

Here’s the given list of some nominated contestants:-

  1. Lisbeth Valverde Brenes, Costa Rica
  2. Noelia Voigt, United States
  3. Anntonia Porsild, Thailand
  4. Karol Croes, Aruba
  5. Maria Brechane, Brazil
  6. Mariana Downing, Dominican Republic
  7. Diana Silva, Venezuela
  8. Camila Escribens, Peru
  9. Sheynis Palacios, Nicaragua
  10. Karla Guilfu Acevedu, Puerto Rico 

The list has been extended to 80 contestants.

Miss Universe 2023 has partnered with Travel Times to offer contestants a once-in-a-lifetime experience to join them for the 72nd MISS UNIVERSE Competition.

The EGOT recipient, songwriter, producer and activist John Legend will perform on stage in El Salvador on November 18.

The fantastic team at Travel Times has been handling all the details, including tickets to the preliminary, national costume, final shows, accommodations, tours, and ground transportation.

The fan-favourite National Costume Show is a cultural celebration showcasing the diversity and creativity of the 72nd MISS UNIVERSE delegates.

In this awe-inspiring display of national pride, every contestant will step into the spotlight in a costume that embodies the spirit and traditions of their homeland. 

The stage comes alive with a riot of colours, patterns, and symbols, creating a visual feast that captures the essence of each country’s cultural heritage.

Some countries (with Advocacies) which have taken part in Miss Universe 2023 from the list are as follows:-

Albania / Menstrual equity

Angola / Healthy food access

Argentina / Immigration, education, wellness

Aruba / Mental health

Australia / Girl’s participation in sport

Bahamas / Mitigating Climate Change

Bahrain / Empowering children through arts

and expression

Belgium / Psychological support

Bolivia / Self-empowerment for women

Brazil / Education

British Virgin Islands / Mental health

Bulgaria / Education, Sustainability in fashion

and fight poverty

Cambodia / Women and children education

Canada / Breast cancer awareness

Cayman Islands / Anti-bullying

Chile / Care for foster children

China / “My platform”

Colombia / Mother’s empowerment

Costa Rica / Disability

Croatia / Childhood well-being

Curaçao / Sports advocacy for women

Czech Republic / Sustainability in Fashion

Denmark / Equality and welfare for elders

Dominican Republic / Child Abuse and

mental health

Ecuador / Women’s empowerment

Egypt / Women’s rights, equity, and

empowerment through education

El Salvador / Youth empowerment

through surfing

Equatorial Guinea / Quality and accessible


Finland / Aid to Ukrainian refugees

France / Fighting racism and homophobia