In a surprising events leading up to the Paris Olympics opening ceremony, renowned DJ David Guetta found himself at the center of controversy after expressing dismay over not being invited to perform.

The artistic director for the Paris Games, Thomas Jolly, swiftly responded to Guetta’s comments, emphasizing that popularity and album sales were not the primary considerations for selecting performers.


Speaking to reporters, Jolly made it clear that the artistic direction of the ceremony was guided by a vision that transcended commercial success.

“We don’t base artistic direction simply on the number of album sales,” Jolly stated firmly, rebuffing any suggestion that Guetta’s global popularity should secure him a spot at the prestigious event.

Guetta, known for his chart-topping hits and international appeal, voiced his confusion during a recent interview, citing his significant presence on streaming platforms like Spotify.

“If you have the answer please tell me because I don’t understand at all,” he remarked, expressing his disappointment over the perceived snub.

However, Jolly maintained that the essence of the opening and closing ceremonies was to reflect a diverse and culturally resonant program. “I am not here to give my tastes,” Jolly asserted, underscoring that Guetta’s style of artistry did not align with the creative vision for the event.

Despite the speculation surrounding potential performers, including rumors of R&B star Aya Nakamura and possibly Céline Dion, Jolly remained tight-lipped about the final lineup.


The ceremony, set against the scenic backdrop of the River Seine, promises to be a spectacular affair, spanning over six kilometers with thousands of performers and an estimated audience of 326,000 spectators.

Musical director Victor Le Masne is expected to orchestrate a diverse soundtrack, blending French house electro, pop, symphony orchestra, and choirs.

The selection aims to showcase the breadth of French musical talent, ranging from opera singer Natalie Dessay to contemporary icons like rapper Jul and the timeless Édith Piaf.

“This will be a celebration of French culture and artistic innovation,” Jolly affirmed, highlighting the ambitious scale of the event, which marks the first Olympics opening ceremony held outside a stadium.

Athletes, numbering 10,500 in total, will traverse the river on 85 boats, symbolizing unity and the spirit of competition.

As preparations intensify and anticipation builds worldwide, only a select few individuals are privy to the intricate details of the ceremony.

With expectations soaring for a visually stunning and musically rich spectacle, the Paris Olympics opening ceremony aims to captivate a global audience of over a billion viewers.


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