Around half of Belgium people don’t know where their electricity comes from: Study

Almost half of Belgians don’t know where their electricity comes from, according to a study from the energy platform Bolt Energie.

The spread of monkeypox was sexual transmission at raves in Europe: WHO

A top adviser to the World Health Organization (WHO) has revealed the unprecedented outbreak of monkeypox in developed nations as "a random event" that might be explained by sexual behaviour at two recent raves.

Switzerland remains most popular destination for German emigrants among EU: Reports

The Federal Statistical Office of Germany (Destatis) has mentioned that Switzerland remains the most popular destination for German emigrants among all other European countries.


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Patrick Galen Dempsey is an American actor known for starring in several movies in the 1980s. Patrick Dempsey achieved immense success at a very early stage of his acting career. Despite acting, Patrick is also a car racer enthusiast. He played was Prince Charming in many Romantic films. He is also well-known for his character as neurosurgeon Derek in Grey Anatomy.

Some Quick Facts about Patrick Dempsey:

  • DOB- 13th January,1966
  • Nationality- American
  • Parents- William Dempsey, Amanda Dempsey
  • Famous as- Actor
  • Net worth- $ 80 million
  • Wife- Jillian Fink
  • Debut- In the Mood

Childhood and Early Life:

Patrick Galen Dempsey was born on 13th January 1966 in Lewiston, Maine, USA. Patrick was born to William and Amanda Dempsey. Dempsey had a normal life during his childhood, as his mother was a school secretary and his father was an insurance salesman. Patrick was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 12. He remarks his disorder to be the reason behind his success today. Patrick has Scottish ancestry.

About his Career Life:

Patrick Dempsey discovered his inner actor when he auditioned for a stage play Torch Song Trilogy. Patrick was selected after his first auditioned and never looked back since then. Patrick’s life took a turning point in his acting career with the movie “In the Mood, the actual World War 2”. This movie brought immense success to Patrick. Patrick Dempsey’s other hit movies are: Meatballs 3-The Summer Job, Can’t Buy me Love, SomeGirls, Loverboy, Grey Anatomy, Enchanted, Brother bear 2, and many more. Car Racing had also become a part of his career life. Patrick is very passionate about his car racing. Patrick won the Toyota Pro/ Celebrity race and stood in the second position.

About his Personal Life:

Patrick Dempsey got married twice, his first wife was Rocky Parker, and later they got divorced. Patrick’s current wife is Jillian Fink, later Jillian filed a divorce case, but after a year, the couple cleared their misunderstandings and called off their divorce. Patrick and Jillian are blessed with three children. Dempsey is a car enthusiast. He has a love for sports cars and vintage cars and owns 27 cars.

Net Worth of Patrick Dempsey:

The net worth of Patrick Dempsey is $ 80 Million. Patrick has 5.8 million followers on Instagram. Patrick’s current earning comes from car racing and acting. Patrick also goes up for promotional work like L’Oreal, Versace, and many more. Patrick also keeps interested in Business and therefore owns Seattle-based Tully’s Cafe shop.

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How many cars does Patrick Dempsey have? What is his net worth?